Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taking on a new role...

This blog is kind of selfish, which by the way is funny as all blogs are selfish and self serving....GUILTY!

So I have been very active in the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) since my oldest child started kindergarten in 2003.  I can't believe I have been involved for 8 years now.  I originally joined to meet people.  At that time I had already entered the ranks of the stay-at-home-mom and I was finding that I yearned for adult contact again.  There was only so much conversation I could have with the hubster.  The poor guy may have gone crazy if I regaled him with another story of poopy color and consistency and what happened in the world of children flushing foreign objects down a toilet.  Yes, other adults would surely benefit from those stories too!  I knew I was ready to hear some myself.

I instantly loved what the PTA stood for and what it seemed to give to me.  I found that the brain cells that I thought were wasting away in my head were eager to learn more and were firing on all cylinders!  I found a purpose beyond those toilets that never stay clean and I became known for more than just being my kids' mom.  It was exciting!

I entered my first year and it was great.  I took on a committee that I was told was a fun and easy committee (that's how we get you).  I soon found out that I was taking on a huge committee and it was worth every bit of time I spent on it.  After that year, I moved on to becoming PTA President and soon I was chairing committees (yes, in the multiple form), I was training others to do what I had done through an extended network of PTA called the Northeastern Region and State PTA.  I was asked to lead training workshops (me in my jeans and knit top....which I found out was an error in judgement).  I was becoming a Professional Volunteer.  I was in love with this organization and I was growing with it.  I was not only doing good things for my childrens' schools I was doing good things for myself.  I was reclaiming a voice that went silent when I thought no one was listening anymore.  I found my "people."

I have now been with the PTA in various roles for 8 years and I have been given another opportunity to grow and develop some more (just when I thought I was leveled out).  I am proudly accepting the appointment of Region Director for the Northeastern Region PTA.  This is a group that works with over 130 area PTA units with training, leadership and development.  It is an amazing group of men and women. 

I have been with the Region for 6 of my 8 years in the PTA.  It has been a real gift for me.  I am the first to tell you that the PTA is not your mother's or grandmother's PTA.  We are a diverse group of volunteers that wear many different hats.  Some of us are parents, some are educators, some are concerned citizens but all of us are there for one reason....children.  We found common ground in a group that advocates and cares for children and children's issues inside and outside the classroom.  We are there for children, we are there for each other but we are there for ourselves too.  We are making a difference--in our lives and in the lives of children everywhere.  I am honored to be part no matter how large or small.  I know that I helped shape the future and that makes me feel like I matter on a larger scale.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finding quiet time...

It has been a magic couple of weeks since I blogged last....

My days have started out like any other fantasy.  Kids waking up on time, eating their breakfasts that they didn't complain about, dressing in weather-appropriate clothing and of course this was all done in perfect silence and harmony.  My days have started out this lovely and continued throughout my days.

My 3 year old no longer subjects me to children's programming.  I no longer have to wonder why Special Agent Oso can fly a helicopter but can't seem to brush his teeth with the young child in need of his assistance.  Seriously, if you can fly a helicopter perhaps life skills should be a bit more accessible to you!  Poor Special Agent Oso.

The more remarkable find was the utter lack of dishes.  Apparently my children have discovered the dishwasher that has been a part of my home even before they themselves were a part of my home.  Dishes have been placed inside just the way I like and I didn't have to search for the bowl from someone's fruity-something-or-other cereal from that morning.  It is like searching for the Holy Grail some days.  I'm not sure if it was a game they like to play with me but no one told me the rules!  I know I win when I discover the lost relics before they congeal or emit an odor.  Altough, I have to admit, it is easier to find sometimes once the pungent stage sets in.

A miracle has happened TWICE in my bathroom.  First being the toilet.  I don't know how it happened but apparently all of the boys have discovered their full potential in terms of aim and flow!  I have yet to sit on a wet seat or have to hose down the area with the help a HAZMAT team.  The second miracle comes in the form of pairs.  Pairs of socks.  They go in the wash together and come out together.  No more hunting, no more stock piling left socks hoping the right socks would return (I imagine that it is always the right sock to blame in these situations).

It has been a wonderful few weeks since I blogged last.  If you were having the stars and planets align with this kind of perfection you would take time to enjoy it too.

Oh, yeah....I wish this was true!

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