Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life's little lessons....

"Thank you."
"Good job."
"I'm proud of you."

Those phrases seem simple enough.  I dare say fairly basic too!

Wouldn't it be nice if ALL children were thanked and celebrated the same way as those shining stars that you see center-stage?  Sometimes it is the quiet kid in the corner that gets forgotten because they haven't found their voice yet.  It would be nice for kids to be on a level playing field but frankly some kids go unnoticed and they feel that in a very real way.  I was talking with my daughter recently and discussing how sometimes adults don't do the right thing (and this can be for a million different situations and reasons).  It isn't because they don't care or they were neglectful it is that there are just so many kids and to acknowledge them all would be a lot of work.  It is still so hard to see the disappointment in her eyes. 

I hope for every disappointment she experiences that it is out numbered by the joyous moments in life.  Sadly, she is not alone in the disappointment.  I'm bit disappointed too but I have to be the grown up here.  She's bright and doesn't always have her light shining as brightly as she could due to the shadows of others she feels she lives in.  I'm working on that one with her.

I've been debating on my further action on some recent events.  This certainly isn't a huge moment in life in the grand scheme but for a 12 year old it is real and noticeable at this age.  I also know that 'MOM' can't and shouldn't fix everything.  I guess the lessons of growing up are not only for the young.  We are re-learning all the lessons we once learned growing up.  Hang on...I'm going to ask it....was my mom right?  Do I now understand that lesson too hard to grasp then because I have my own kids?  I'm adding it to the list of things I will be saying to my kids for sure!

I'm tired of excusing behavior away of those that don't do the right thing.  I think this time I will tell her the truth....and then I'll tell her that she'll understand it when she has children of her own too.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When children amaze us...

I make cookies too....can't live on cupcakes alone! *wink*
I've been busy baking lately...for fun!  I got to share these sugar cookies with the kids of Launching Pad during their recent school play.

 If you didn't see the Launching Pad's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast performed by children from the Ballston Spa Middle School then I think you could be in the minority.  The turn out for these shows were record breaking!  And the performances... inspiring!

My Little 'Beast' enjoying the show!
From the first tumultuous auditions to the well rehearsed final curtain call, these kids (supported by school staff and countless parents) worked tirelessly to create one of the most memorable school productions to date with this drama group.  From professional stage curtains to ingenius set designs it was clear that we were about to be in for a real treat!  The sets, the production, the kids and the community never disappointed us!  It was fabulous!

Let's never think that the Arts aren't alive and well within our schools.  They might not be the headline grabbers like a big title game victory but they are grand victories nonetheless.  They are kept alive with dedicated staff members and the families that support their efforts.  This is where you see kids who find their voices for the first time or the ones that continue to develop their instrument.  This is where you find that once quiet kid suddenly projecting their voice for the guy in the back row to hear.  This is where you find the never shy kid spending time with the wall flower who are both learning who they are.

It is amazing to watch them go from Joe Student to a character born from fantasty and realize they found themselves along the way.  Whether you were on-stage, back-stage or ushering or serving treats....you did a great job and should be proud.  Congratulations on TEN beautiful years Launching Pad....here's to MANY more yet to come!

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"Chip" for the bake sale.

"Mrs. Potts" for the bake sale.